Sep 29, 2008


This is the twin of Colleen. Both of these women are sweet and gentle and it is my great pleasure to know them. Yes they are older now.

I am having fun drawing portraits. This being the second one I seriously attempted I am quite happy with it. Yes the nose needs work still, and the mouth does not show the joy and innocence that is in the picture yet all and all I am quite pleased. I think I did allot better on the hair and the eyes this time. It looks more real instead of just drawn. I did go a little to heavy on the shadows in some places yet had to stop before it got muddy.

I will need to practice noses and mouths alone more. I think I will do that this wk and the next some.


Mark Kwasny said...

Welcome to the fun world of portraiture! So much work but so much reward. And the great masters have taught us that drawing the human form can be a lifetime endeavor.

Odd Chick said...

You are doing very well on your portraits! isn't it fun to learn a face as we draw it!

The Victorious place said...

Thank you Mark, and the Odd Chick for your wonderful comments that encourage me, and for stopping by.

Yes I love faces!!! It has at times taken my breath away as I look at some one and see the hightlights and shadows. Each is unique and crafted by God.