Nov 16, 2008

You're bothering me

The bear looks kind of mean and angry. MMMmmm Wonder what I was feeling. The thing next to it you throw and it says when it hits the floor in a most annoying voice; "You're Bothering Me". It was given to me after being throne at my feet more then a few times in one day as a gag by one of the nurses aids that I needed to always be on top of to insure she did her work. I don't think she was ever happy with me because I always thought that my patients deserved top notch care. I took it graciously. It was funny after all-the your bothering me thing.

I usually don't use color seeing I am trying to work more on values in the gray scale and perfect basic drawing skills first. Had fun drawing this. Color was a good break from the usual black pen, or graphite that I normally draw in. The colors where in chalk pastels. I like them.
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Conley's Auto Repair

I had to get a four wheel alignment done and while waiting I drew this in cheap ball point pen. I really like the cheap ball point pens to draw with. They kind of glide over the paper.
This is a drawing of a card holder that was in the waiting area of Conley's Auto repair shop. Best price for four wheel alignment that I have found yet. If you are in the area and need work I would highly recommend them.
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EDM Draw some thing round

Draw some thing round-I can not seem to find the number of this EDM chanlange but I know I did see it. This is a drum in my back yard with some weeds around it. It was drawn in graphit-which one I do not really remember.
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Another Bear

Just another bear, nothing speciel about him.
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EDM 13

I decided not to go in order with the EDM's because some times I just draw what is in front of me. This is my work phone. I drew it while waiting for my relief to arive.
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Nov 13, 2008



Some of you wondered where I have been for a while. I have been hiding under blankets in a depression after the divorce was over with.

I was not going to post this but after much thought; Hey some times our art comes from the things that we enjoy or endure. It is a way of expressing the feelings deep within that at times hide until the art tools are put to the paper enabling us to process what we are feeling.

I am not laying or hiding under the blankets any more. In fact I know that I am not reject or useless etc.... I will be posting more on this as the pictures come of how the heart is restored. What has helped me and brought me to the level of healing where I am at now is Jesus Christ the Lord. One thing that Jesus said is; I have come to heal the broken hearted and to set the captives free. He does bring healing and hope to the wounded soul. He strengthens those that are weary for it is written; Those that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up on wings of an Eagle. They shall walk and not grow weary and they shall run and not faint.

Yes, Life at times is hard and sucks yet I am truly thankful for His tender mercies and wonderful intimacy. I still have more work to do on this area of my heart for I have not yet arrived but He has brought me along way. I have hope.

Thank you for all you who have asked for me and wondered where I have gone for a while. This group Everyday Matters is truly wonderful and I am thankful for all of you and the encouragement that you have given to me to keep on drawing even during this time. Your guys rock!!! Thank you Odd Chick for asking a few times where have I been.

Another eye


Well here I am at it again. Trying to perfect my drawings of eyes.

I love eyes. I have always looked at peoples eyes when I talk to them. Some times I get lost looking into their eyes comparing one to the other and marveling at the wonderful shapes and textures within. The highlights some times make me want to giggle. Yep I'm nutty but hey what can I say.

What helped me with the eye is the instruction on drawing eyes at I will be visiting Cathy's site often. Thank you Cathy. I am looking for your instruction on how to conquer the nose and mouth. Yeah I am enamored by the human face. It holds such wonder, beauty and mystery especially the depth of the eyes that are a mirror to the soul. They all have a story to tell.

Stock Pot


Friday and Saturday I had to cook four turkeys for a work place holiday dinner. Love cooking and the turkeys turned out really tender. This was sitting out just getting ready for some food to be cooked in on Sunday for the dinner party. Thankfully I had my art journal and a few minutes waiting time so I drew this quick sketch.

The food and the party turned out very well. It was so good I could hardly walk out of the place. Had to roll out. MMMmmm!!!! The folks I work with are the best. Do you like your job? I love mine even though it does not pay much it is worth the time I spend their. I feel like I get more out of my work then they get from me being there.