Nov 13, 2008

Stock Pot


Friday and Saturday I had to cook four turkeys for a work place holiday dinner. Love cooking and the turkeys turned out really tender. This was sitting out just getting ready for some food to be cooked in on Sunday for the dinner party. Thankfully I had my art journal and a few minutes waiting time so I drew this quick sketch.

The food and the party turned out very well. It was so good I could hardly walk out of the place. Had to roll out. MMMmmm!!!! The folks I work with are the best. Do you like your job? I love mine even though it does not pay much it is worth the time I spend their. I feel like I get more out of my work then they get from me being there.


Ricardo Sérgio said...

I really love this one. So simple and beautiful.

freebird said...

Love your pot in it's simplicity. Surely there is an EDM challenge it meets!