Oct 29, 2008

Baby Bear Boo Boo

Baby Teddy

Baby Teddy is small and just like all little ones needs to be loved, and just giggles in great delight with lots of Hugs and Kisses.

I had some time at work so got out the drawing pad and was going to work on a baby portrait. It is like I forgot how to draw. I became frustrated and stopped thinking that it was just time to have fun. Isn't that what art is supposed to be. Some times you have to let that inner child out to draw. So here it is Baby Bear. I at times think about writing children's books and illustrating them. I would love to do that as I progress in art.

Oct 18, 2008

EDM Challenge


Draw a mug. Well you can not have really serious coffee with out creamer and sugar. At least my coffee cuz it's really, really dark. I mean almost like syrup. My favorite is German Dark Roast, or maybe some really good espresso. I drew the cup and spoon while at Hess Road Coffee House. It is really a nice time with dinner, and praise music. Any one can sing or play if you so desire, or just listen as you sit around with friends for a chat.


O NO!!! What is this? The cat got stuck out in a electric storm. Haaa!!!! Yep the mad cat. I thought that the next EDM challenge for me was draw a cat so I did. I don't really know where I thought that up from but now it is here so I decided to post it. Found this one on the net. Yes truly his tongue is like that. His eyes did look a little crazed but not like this. May be I let my crazed feelings get into my drawing, or I just forgot how to draw. I do that some times.


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For this drawing and the next I tried not to look at the subject. Yaaa did cheat a little. Can you tell?




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Carol is a very nice lady. This is her baby picture that I saw sitting on the entertainment center and I just had to draw it.

I do need to work on shading better, and the mouth is not what I want it to be yet as a beginner I am quite pleased with it. What do you think?
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Oct 4, 2008

My wonderful deerhound dog

Here is some pictures of my wonderful faithful dog. She loves me even if I am in a grouchy mood, depressed or happy. She usually follows me from room to room and needs to be laying next to me.

Her name is Killise (Pronounced Killsee). It is a Scottish name for she is a Scottish Deerhound. Deerhounds are sight hounds and some what like the Greyhound with the exception of being larger, hairier, and more animated. Although they do tend to be lazy as you see in one of the pictures.

Don't look at the camera!!!!!


Where is the remote?!!!! I'm not getting up from here!!!!


The Shoe

This is my fist EDM challenge. Draw a shoe. I did not know if I should start the challenges where I would be at if I started at the beginning of the year or not. Well I started at the beginning and will hopefully catch up. If not then that is OK, at least I am doing one of the challenges once a week.

This is not an exact representation of my shoe but it is close. I found it to hard for me at this stage to put in all the stitch work. I think it looks good any way. What do you think? Is it ok to smudge graphite? I have seen some artists that do and there art is astoundingly realistic. Others (like the art course I am presently taking) say absolutely not!!! Never!!!! What do you think? Is it OK to smudge graphite?


Drawn with graphite B2, and Charcoal.

Oct 1, 2008

Charcoal Portrait

Well now this is interesting. This portrait was originally supposed to be a drawing of a sweet baby girl with twinkling eyes and beautiful innocence. Some thing happened along the way. I made a big error and did not want to toss it because the eyes looked so good. I decided to then just have fun. Went and got out the charcoal and just started making strokes and this is what it turned into. Is it a man, women, child, teenager? I don’t really know yet I do know that I had fun doing this. In the process I found that I love the charcoal medium. It makes this sweet noise on the paper that kinda makes you giggle. I just loved smudging it while delighting in the sound and feel as it magically glided across the paper. That’s what art is supposed to be correct? Fun, like a little kid in a play box. Well I have not been able to get away from the play box and that is quit all right with me. I would like to stay here forever.

What kind of fun did you have today?

Graphite and Pitt Charcoal.