Dec 23, 2008

Why you have not seen me post lately

My computer at home is still broken. The C-Drive is shot so I have not been able to post any thing up. I do not have the capabilities at work to post any drawings or at the library. So sad :(.
Hopefully this will be remedied soon.

Dec 1, 2008


I found this picture in Glamour magazine while looking for pictures to draw. It is in the November 2008 issue on page 248. Photo taken by Eric Traore.
As of yet it is the best portrait I have done. To think that I am fearful of the drawing table is silly. I am really fearful of it at times. Drawing phobia. I am usually amazed at what comes out.
The lips need work but last night I figured I had better stop while I am ahead. I also need to work on blending better so the shadows and shades look more realistic. I am happy with it though. I really took my time with this one and thought it out.
This was drawn in graphite and charcoal.
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