Aug 14, 2009

H.H. FInished portrait

Here is the finished portrait of H.H.
This was done with Charcoal. I did use a 2b pencil to layout the portrait first.
The camera shot was blurry so this picture really does not do it justice. I may take the photo again.
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Jun 28, 2009

H.H.s portrait

This is a portrait I did for a dear friend of mine. She is a mother in the Lord. During many nights of pain it was her prayers that sustained me. She is a widow that serves the Lord day and night with prayers and encouraging the saints of God.
I really did not like the way this turned out because of the way the Shaw made her look. I redid the portrait and it turned out quite nice. I will post it soon. Right now it is in my camera that needs batteries :)
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I drew this in my art journal during Easter while attending Easter service.
Another journel entry over Easter

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Jesus breaks the prisoners free from sin as His blood washed me. He also breaks free the prisoner that is bound and bowed down. For He died not only for my sin but also as it says in Is for my sorrows. The great exchange.

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Isiah 41

Another journel entry at church. This was at Kenmore Alliance Church. The monk looking guy is suppost to be Pastor Jon Schuerholz but that does not look like him. It looks like a monk :0 I was stitting in the far back and need new glasses. Ya what an excuse lol :)

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Fire Extinguisher

I drew this Fire Extinguisher while waiting with a friend at the courthouse.
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Friday night races

Ransomville race track
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Dr. Office

Been on an extended time of disability. Yep I am back to work at the moment thank the good Lord.
This was drawn in Dr. Newman's office.
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Well now the top drawing I have no clue what it is :). Fun in the journal.
The rest are quick sketches of H.H. while figuring out facial parts and lay layout.
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Mar 13, 2009

Couch and Coats

Couch &  Coats

While waiting for my wonderful clients to finish basket ball practice I drew the couch and their coats in the hallway. Very fun. I do love where I work at. The clients are wonderful and if you are down their attitude soon lifts you up. The real amazing thing is the staff and even management are easy to work with. Most of the time the attitudes of the staff are upbeat and most are happy to work here. Love it!! Working for Heritage Christian Services is like going home to work. You are sure to get a hug.

Glasses and Snack

Glasses and Snack

Just a quick sketch of my glasses and snack for the midnight shift.

MBS Baby Portrait2

MBS's Baby drawing

Here is the finished portrait of MB’s baby picture. I decided not to do the clothing or hands yet. I am no really happy with how it turned out. Shading is all wrong and I don't like the way the nose turned out. I am glad I finished this though. Feel free to leave comments.

MB Baby Portrait


A friend bugged me until I did her baby portrait. This is just the quick sketch. The portrait turned out horrible. Had such a hard time with it. It was a very old black and white. The picture was some what faded so the shadows where hard to see. Could not get the nose right. It was a challenger that was most likely to big for such a beginner. I did tell her I was giving up on it but she insisted “NO you cant” so here is the quick sketch. I may put the portrait up or not. I don't know. I love drawing babies but think that my skill level is not yet up to the task. The picture is a very beautiful baby with lots of life and joy.


Boots Well here it is. My first post in a while. I drew these boots while my clients where playing basket ball.

I am trying to get my work into the computer now so I can get it all up on the blog.

Have spent lots of time working in my workbook from Sandra Angelo. The name of the workbook is “Zero to Artist” “30 Minutes for 30 Days”. If you have not seen her sight it is well worth the look at Her books and materials are what got me started. I don't work in the workbook daily sorry to say. I am presently trying to finish it though. I don't know if I can post the parts of the workbook that I did the work in here. I will need to ask her.

It is good to be back. Been missing all my EDM art buddies.

Feb 11, 2009

Yeee Hooo-Back on

Well I am back online. Computer is up and running. Yeee haaa!!!!! Will get some post up shortly. Missed all the EDM art buddies. Me I need encouragement and it helps being part of the group-kinda keeps me going if you know what I mean. Some times I just want to stay in bed. After all I just have my dog so it would be easy to sleep in. Yep work the second shift---Yukkkk!! Yuk. But hey, not many folks can say they love their work. Me I love the folks I work with-At times I dont really love the paper work-not my strong point. When I go in it is like a family---every one comes to greet you. Even the manager smiles. Now that is amazing hey? Now if I need to go to the main office it is the same. God has blessed me. Thank You Papa!!! (God)
Well any way. Now that I jib jabbed along will see you guys soon.