Oct 1, 2008

Charcoal Portrait

Well now this is interesting. This portrait was originally supposed to be a drawing of a sweet baby girl with twinkling eyes and beautiful innocence. Some thing happened along the way. I made a big error and did not want to toss it because the eyes looked so good. I decided to then just have fun. Went and got out the charcoal and just started making strokes and this is what it turned into. Is it a man, women, child, teenager? I don’t really know yet I do know that I had fun doing this. In the process I found that I love the charcoal medium. It makes this sweet noise on the paper that kinda makes you giggle. I just loved smudging it while delighting in the sound and feel as it magically glided across the paper. That’s what art is supposed to be correct? Fun, like a little kid in a play box. Well I have not been able to get away from the play box and that is quit all right with me. I would like to stay here forever.

What kind of fun did you have today?

Graphite and Pitt Charcoal.


Anonymous said...

Hey there. I had a similiar experience. A drawing of my 2 year old nephew turned into looking like my friend Mark. I had a blast. Here is the post


Mark Kwasny said...

I love the eyes too. As for identifying the genus and species... let the art critics have fun with it! That way, you're BOTH having fun. Yeeeha!

The Victorious place said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments. Ya lets let the art critics have fun also.