Sep 26, 2008

Affirmations for Artists by Eric Maisel

I think I will try to find this book. Here are some quotes out of the book that some one sent me.

When I read affirmations like the ones below I think WOW, to grow in art is to grow in life. We can take the lessens learned at the drawing table to real life. We can take our creativity and use it to problem solve and see the picture in a different way just as if we are trying to work in a new medium.

On Rejection:"I will get rejected. And I can stand rejection: but not in the absence of an occasional victory. I must and will have successes. As great as the pain of rejection may be, I will risk inviting it by showing my art in the world; and to achieve the successes I need, I will do my best work and unravel the mysteries of the marketplace."Affirmations for Artists by Eric Maisel

On Persistence: cont'd:"Keep spiritually sound and be persistent. Persistence is the key. Just never stop believing in your dream." Deborah Aquila, as quoted in Affirmations for Artists by Eric Maisel

On Persistence:"Who wouldn't give up? Another dozen canvases ruined. Another year without a decent-paying role. Another novel that never quite came alive. Another band self-destructing. Another ten auditions and nothing; another twenty query letters and nothing; another fruitless round of mailing out slides. Who wouldn't give up? Only the persistent artist. She lives through all this and by so doing retains the chance of becoming the exception."Affirmations for Artists by Eric Maisel

On Patience:"Patience is not only a virtue: it is so necessary that its absence will doom an artist. An "impatient novelist," an "impatient sculptor," an "impatient violinist" must grow frustrated and unhappy. How much patience is required to parent children? To wait for the flowering of things that do not bloom until the springtime? An artist can feel impatient stalled at the checkout counter if she likes: but with regard to her work she must maintain a deep, abiding patience."Affirmations for Artists by Eric Maisel

On Painting:"Whatever my medium, however I am to be an artist, I can learn from O'Keefe and van Gogh, from Rembrandt and Matisse. I can see, feel, and dream like a painter; I can bring a painterly texture to my next song and a painterly look to my next film. I am a visual artist." Affirmations for Artists by Eric Maisel


susan said...

these are beautiful affirmations, Steve. I am going to copy and paste (if you have no objections) and paste them into my sketchbook. Gives you something to think about and live by. Thank you for sharing. I hope I haven't posted this twice...I think I messed up typing in the letters for google. Have a nice weekend...the colors must be getting beautiful in New York. I know they are just starting to change here in Michigan.

Lisalou said...

Great words! Keep following your art is certainly life altering. You blog looks great!

sema said...

thanks for the great words to remember on our artistic journey.
your sketches are good!