Mar 13, 2009

MB Baby Portrait


A friend bugged me until I did her baby portrait. This is just the quick sketch. The portrait turned out horrible. Had such a hard time with it. It was a very old black and white. The picture was some what faded so the shadows where hard to see. Could not get the nose right. It was a challenger that was most likely to big for such a beginner. I did tell her I was giving up on it but she insisted “NO you cant” so here is the quick sketch. I may put the portrait up or not. I don't know. I love drawing babies but think that my skill level is not yet up to the task. The picture is a very beautiful baby with lots of life and joy.


carolottaway said...

She's right, Don't give up. It looks like you already have it, just the values need to added.

freebird said...

Not seeing the picture or baby you drew this from I can't say whether you caught the baby well but I can say you drew a very happy one. Her eyes turned out very happy looking and I think eyes are an important part of capturing a person.